Saturday, 29 January 2011

outfitters of urban.

personal stylist task = go shopping avec a friendy
they choose outfits you would usually go for, and ones you wouldn't :)
the results....

WOULD: a-may-ziiiing skirt, couldn't justify the forty squid though

WOULD: actually in the lingerie section... i really like the loose fit. i ended up buying this number

WOULD'NT: i really liked this outfit, i thought it was a little unflattering though

this could have potentially been a nice outfit, from the renewal section... i think i look like a lesbian poet though - in a bad way.

WOULD'NT: i liked the fit of this dress, but although you can't really see the skin coloured mesh at the top, it wasn't for me

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

have a little cheekypeeky.

so we're coming up to our third post on the blog as BFWfilms, and this thursday we'll be showcasing our first film...
'shoe stories'
click on these little ol' links to see our blogs so far

Sunday, 16 January 2011


new hair :)
helloooooo care-free monday mornings.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

window shopping: teasing/torture for the poor.

THE KOOPLES is a new a-may-zing french label. basically, i would like everything please.
mostly structured adrogynous pieces, i'm thinking i could re-create...
avec the charity shops, a free saturday afternoon and voila.
desperate times call for desperate measures.
maybe when the workload isn't so heavy? hmm... yes.
in the meantime, i may focus on this brand for my marketing project and closely inspect the fine, fine pieces for inspiration.

i used to be all 'money cannot make you happy'
and i have thought long and hard about this
however, when you are struggling, and have to forfeit a night at stonelove with the girls for toilet roll and bread, i think it's a fair statement to say 'i could really do with some money right now.'
rant over.

GOODBYE long hair, HELLO shortie.

i am getting my hair CHOPPED tomorow. after 19 years of having long hair, it's decided; a new year = new hair. i fancy a change, and although not everybody is as excited as me [the boy's step mother "if you get it cut short you won't be able to come to the party as a geisha" - the first i've heard of the 'party' and that my role is a geisha? what kind of party is this? another story for another time] i can't wait. it will be such a change! i've been wearing my hair up lots [see photo- i will miss wearing my long hair high] to try and get used to it :)
no more brushing my hair for ten minutes.