Monday, 30 January 2012

unicorn top.

there's no real explanation as to why this top reminds me of unicorns.
the colours are dreamy!
i picked it up in traid when there used to be one in brighton, must be nearly 3 years old now. oldy topshop with a dusky pink to dirty purple ombre.
i do like me a bit of traid. although it is at best, an overpriced charity shop.
then again, it would have been way more than ten squid originally. and it is for a good cause yadayada.

me being a unicorn.

been so busy with uni work lately, promise i'll get back on this bloggybob soon! lazy blogger award goes to me. but i got some things to show you very soon...


  1. love your shirt! super cool ^^

    xx maggie

  2. cute look. Started to follow you :)

  3. Hello Hello,
    mag dein Blog sehr. Vielleicht gefällt dir meiner auch & wir könnten uns gegenseitig folgen =)

  4. Lovely outfit!Love so much the shorts!



    Silvia in FashionLand

  5. love ur bustier top...and u look cute on that last pic

  6. Absolutely Fabulous Darling! xx

    I just popped in to let you know that I'm having a give-away on my blog! Pop over and stand a chance of winning a beautiful wrap bracelet of your choice :)
    Don't miss out x

  7. Super cute outfit! Love the blazer!

  8. Ha, I've heard the unicorn pose will be in vouge next season.
    Awsome shorts !


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