Tuesday, 7 February 2012

liebster says.

have been invited to be a featured stylist on StyleSays, so when you have a spare second, have a little look at my profile here.
get to look at posts and how to find similar items etc :)

i also got nominated by Isabella Rose of frillsandfreckles for the LIEBSTER BLOG award :D

and basically, the aim of the Liebster blog award is to give smaller blogs more recognition. The rules are that, once receiving an award, pass it on to 5 other bloggers that you love, and post 5 facts about yourself that people probably wont know!

five blogbobs:

and five facts:
today i have eaten way too many vegetable spring rolls.
water for elephants made me want to join the circus last night.
i've had a gazillion creme eggs this month. already.
it's lloyd's birthday next friday and i don't know what to get him.
spotify's adverts. grr.

i'm really bad at facts. as you may remember from last time.
i'll probably think of some amazing fact later.
or not, because there are none.

anyway, happy tuesday.
here's a crazy poodle.


  1. Golly gosh, that poodle is epic !
    Awsome facts, I haven't started on the creme eggs, yet.

  2. Nice facts, and i so know the spotify one!

  3. Hey, that's great news - well done! I had a look at the first link, and I think your style (as indicated in those two pics) is really great for people to follow if they want to - basic clothes, with added attitude in accessories like the body chain or high waisted shorts. Perfect for a feature like that :)

    And wooooah. Rise of the non-prissy poodle. This one is badass!


  4. Hey dear, I came across your blog through nadia esra's blog and I thought I would let you know that i really like your blog and was going to ask if you wanted to follow me and i will follow you? Let me know in a comment? :) mines www.elishayates.com


  5. Thank-you for the comment my sweet, congratulations! CUTE DOG mweheh
    Lots of Love,
    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick


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